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BURNING WITH PASSION...Now you can fill a room with our popular pheromone fragrances to create an atmosphere of aromatic love.

Our soy wax melts are soaked in a unique blend of fragrance oil and pheromones –- just pop one into a tea-light burner or electric warmer to flood the air with beautiful, sensual scent.


These cranberry-red vampire wax melts are a sensation – pop one into a burner if you want to feel a nibble at the neck...

First comes the sweetness...the succulent feeling of love and desire, of sweetness and intoxication...

Then comes the bite...

Rich, fruity and lusty top notes of raspberry, blackberry, mulberry, swollen red cherry and succulent strawberry, creamed with luxurious Bourbon vanilla, acacia honey, coconut milk and freshly picked blood-red roses, darkened and intensified by exotic bottom notes of thick, spicy mulled wine and feral amber musk.

Guaranteed to get the blood pumping!

10 melts, 70g.

Ingredients: fragrance oils, soy wax, pheromones.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Soy wax melts are very highly-scented wickless candles which can be used in tealight oil-burners or electric warmers.  They will gently melt to release their scent over a few hours.  Just pop two or three mini melts into the well of your oil burner (no water should be added), light your tealight or switch on electric burner, and sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful fragrance!   When the wax has cooled, pop the well of your burner in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool even further, and the finished melt will just slide out easily, and your burner will be ready to use again.  Keep your burner away from draughts and out of the reach of children and pets.  If you do have any spillage, soy wax can be cleaned with just soap and water, unlike paraffin wax which is much harder to clean.  Soy wax is a wholly natural eco-friendly product which has been blended with natural botanical agents and is guaranteed petrochemical free. Made from naturally-farmed GM-free soybean oil, it is a healthy and environmentally friendly wax and is suitable for use in vegan or vegetarian homes.  These mini-sized wax melts are sold in packs of 10 in a cello bag and tied with a pretty ribbon, and they have a burn time of approximately 5 hours each (50 hours of fragrance per bag!). 

ABOUT PHEROMONES... This product contains Androstenol, the youthful and exuberant pheromone together with a blend of slightly fruity odours that have been called Copulins.  These are natural aromatic acids, which have been shown to have a relaxing effect on men, working at an undetectable subconscious level.   People who know you are less likely to be affected by a new chemical message coming from you, although they may notice a more confident and assertive side to your personality.  But beware: this product is so intense that other females may prove hostile towards the unexpected competition!  BITE ME!  wax melts will help to attract men.  It is then up to you to make the subject feel at ease, thereby confirming to him consciously what his subconscious is already indicating.

Quantity:  at  £7.50  each

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