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21st APRIL - 21 MAY

 Aries, the second sign of the Zodiac, is an earth sign represented by The Bull and ruled by the planet Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. 

Characteristics include disciplined, hard-working, humorous, prudent, artistic, loving, creative, romantic, sexual, sensual, comforting, strong, steady, organized, harmonious, trustworthy, patient, faithful, and practical. 

This is a cornucopia of a fragrance, encompassing many notes of the earth's wondrous bounties. 

A sensual, robust blend of new-mown hay, oakmoss, earth and country meadows, softened and sweetened with apple blossom, honeysuckle, strawberries, earth fruits and wild hillside honey, finishing in a kiss of whipped cream. 

 Ingredients: sweet almond oil, fragrance oil. 

Quantity:  at  £5.99  each

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