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A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with the head and torso of a beautiful woman and the tail of a fish.  The mermaid is a witch, an enchantress, a seducer, a siren.  She sings to people and enchants them with her lovely voice, distracting them from their work or causing sailors to walk off the deck or run their ships aground.  Men are especially susceptible to her charms and many have been driven to madness after hearing the false love-song of the nymph of the sea.  

A wonderful sea-blossom scent with fathomless water notes of ocean mist, sea moss, water chestnut, musky driftwood and water mint, herbaceous-spice quavers of white cedarwood, vetiver and coriander seed, and beautiful floral arias of cyclamen petals, geranium, rose and water-lily.  

   This fragrance is rich, complex and unique.

Ingredients: fragrance oil, sweet almond oil. 

Quantity:  at  £5.99  each

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