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Opulux is a revolutionary new anti-ageing product which revitalizes and repairs, visibly improving the texture of skin.  Users of this cream have been delighted with the results, reporting that, within days of use, fine lines around eyes had disappeared.

The cream contains standard skin repairers, such as essential oils of frankincense, rose and evening primrose, but the real difference comes from two special ingredients - Siberian Ginseng and Aosaine.

 Siberian Ginseng Extract is a 25% active, aqueous substance consisting primarily of the complex polysaccarides and associated glycoproteins from the Siberian Ginseng root.  It is a skin-tightening ingredient that can literally "lift" sagging skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin appears fresh and revitalized.

Aosaine is naturally produced by marine algae.  It helps to prevent wrinkles and skin ageing by optimizing cellular respiration, stimulating collagen production in the skin and increasing protein synthesis and cell regeneration.

This product is lightly whipped to glide easily onto the skin.

Soft, silky texture.

Sinks in quickly for fast results.

Beautiful perfume of rose and frankincense.


Try it today! 

See radiant, youthful-looking skin within just a few days.

It's a miracle in a pot!


Directions for use: apply a small amount of cream to skin around eyes and gently massage using circular motions. 

Ingredients: frankincense and rose base cream, evening primrose cream, siberian ginseng extract, aosaine extract.

Quantity:  at  £4.99  each

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